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Webcast: The New Climate Club - EU, USA, China: Global Politics and Scenarios

Climate change represents one of the most pressing topics of our times. In 2021 - the year of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow – global political momentum has shifted towards more ambitious “net zero” targets. The United States and Europe have adopted “Green New Deals” and even China’s leadership seems to follow a more climate conscious approach. As no unilateral action will prevent global warming, coalitions of climate frontrunners become more important. But tackling climate change will also depend on geopolitics. Global conflict lines increasingly influence climate diplomacy.

The upcoming webcast on July 6, 2021, 4:30pm - 6:00pm offers deep insights into the geopolitics of climate change. We are delighted to welcome three high-level speaker and panel participants to discuss implications of national policies and elaborate on the different positions and trajectories of the United States, Europe and China. We will address implications for companies and potential need for action in the fields of strategy, financing and governance.

  • Gerald Michael Butts, former Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister of Canada and Vice Chairman and Senior Advisor at Eurasia Group
  • Dr. Timo Gerrit Blenk, Partner and CEO of the Agora Strategy Group AG
  • Jens C. Laue, Partner and Head of ESG at KPMG
  • Moderation: Angelika Huber-Straßer, Head of the German Audit Committee Institute and Regionalhead South at KPMG

Upcoming sessions will take place in fall focusing on geotechnology in relation to decoupling and the risks of AI, as well as governance and its social aspects.